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Priscilla Wishes to Visit Italy Where the Violin was Made

wish kid Priscilla
Priscilla, 18, has been fighting against a heart condition her entire life. Once she was diagnosed, she had to quit sports at school, and she had to start two medications she'll have to take the rest of her life. "It's kind of sad when I have to remind myself to take medicine because I'm young," Priscilla said. "I remember who I am in those hard times."

A significant part of who Priscilla is involves the violin. "Playing the violin helps me cope with my condition the best way I know how, which is in a positive way," Priscilla said. "When I play the violin, I feel every positive emotion that one should feel."

Priscilla began playing the violin eight years ago, and she says the instrument has "stolen her heart." In fact, she considers her violin, named Verona, a friend. Priscilla love's the violin's notable sound, and she wants to understand as much as possible about the instrument's history.

"My wish is important to me because I've wished to go to Europe ever since I was a young child, and as I grew older, my health condition has worsened, but dreaming about going to Europe (to learn about the violin) has helped make that better," Priscilla said.

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